2nd October, Sweden

anonymous report:

“Later this month the moose hunting season starts in large parts of Sweden. Thousands and thousands of moose will be shot to death in the Scandinavian wilderness. Three towers were toppled and sabotaged by den svenska djurrättsmilisen (the Swedish animal rights militia). Hopefully it will save some animal lives, but at least it will make it harder for the psychopaths to murder them.

Two messages were left on wooden boards that were ripped off a tower: ‘Nästa gång dödar vi er. //DRM (English: Next time we’ll kill you. //ARM)’ and ‘Älgarna ska leva (English: The moose shall live!)’.

More towers will fall.

Den svenska djurrättsmilisen.”


19th September, Italy.

received anonymously, via

“Emilia Romagna, Italy. A hunting house and a hunting post were destroyed, a boat was seriously damaged and 18 mallards were rescued from an amusement park for mentally deviated psychopaths (hunters). Now the mallards, who were detained as live decoy, have been entrusted to wonderful facilities where they can live free and happy. No respite for the killers.”


10th October, Norwich UK.

received anonymously via email:

“Hazel’s Butchers shopfront and two vans tagged, locks and letterbox glued.

Animal abusers we are coming for you.”

According to local media, another butchers called Fiddy’s Butchers was also targetted with a smashed window and spraypaint.


Late September, East Midlands, UK.

received anonymously via email:

“It’s that time of year again…
Under the cover of darkness we arrived at a farm known to have Turkeys on site. Turkeys destined for someone’s christmas dinner… no fucking way, not on our watch.
After seeking out 16 homes for our feathery friends, we crossed two fields towards to the enclosure where they were kept, stopping only to hide when an upstairs light on the farm house went on. One human remained on lookout whilst the rest packed 16 turkeys into the carriers. They were stubborn and larger than we anticipated, these were fast growers and had already put on a load of weight since we checked out the site before.
Once we were fully loaded, we struggled across the two fields with full crates and arms full of turkeys. This was slower than our way in and our presence was enough to alert the cows in the field. Loud moo-ing and alarms calls soon followed. Lights came on in the buildings nearby. Our only thought at this point could be getting these birds to safety, like hell were we getting caught and having them taken back. 
Thankfully, we made it. All 16 will live full, happy lives.

Now is the time for turkey rescue, before it’s too late!”


6th October, Brighton

Received anonymously via email:

“We saw someone had done in this pizza hut window before and how after replacing the glass the shop had written ‘vegan options here’ where the broken glass used to be. We knew then that it had to be done again. Our allegiance to the animals this company exploits, the environment this company pollutes and the staff they use can not be so easily bought.

We thought of Waka that day. A young man who died fighting alongside the YPG two years ago and who is missed by many. Including those who never met him but are touched by the actions he took to defend animals, both human and non human, and the planet we all inhabit.

We know a broken window is hardly enough to honour his memory and all the he lived and died for. But a broken window can turn into something much more. This is a call for all of us to see what Waka saw, that each injustice leads to another and we must challenge all of them. We must stop waiting for a saviour that will never arrive and get shit done ourselves. Occupy a tree to stop it being cut down, steal everything you can from the scummy corporations that fuck us all over, sab the hunters, open cages, fight to get rid of the borders killing so many.

To all our comrades, dead and alive, we stand together.

Waka will not be forgotten”


5th October, Belgium.

received anonymously via email:

“Inspired by our fellow activists abroad, this was something we really liked, so went ahead and do research on the websites mentioned. With this add hack we honor the two year anniversary of Roses Law, and with the quote “All Animals Need Protection Under The Law” we honor Regan Russel who was murdered by a slaughterhouse truck driver.



It wasn’t too long ago that we reached out to explain we were fully immersed in the badger cull campaign and little has changed since. We are still filming for the third episode of our documentary series and attempting to keep up with internet work at the same time.

We’ve received a few messages regarding merch that has not arrived after a while. If you’re experiencing any trouble with merch, please email unoffensiveshop (at) riseup (dot) net and the folks behind it will respond as soon as possible. Everybody is super busy lately so even if it takes a little longer than it should, do not think we’ve forgotten, we will be sorting it all out!

The badger cull in the UK certainly is some seriously draining campaign. Folks are walking over twelve hours a day in an attempt to save as many badgers as possible, under the rain, covered in mud but with the spirits up that every time they find something, dozens of badgers are spared off a cruel and unnecessary death. It is inspiring to see so many folks involved and working hard and we cannot mention the badger cull and give some credit to Underground Badger Syndicate (FB) (IG), who are working tirelessly and who you should support in any way shape or form. Please go to their page and follow their social medias, and if you can afford it, drop them a donation to help them carry on working. We have a combined 20k followers between our accounts. Even if just 10% donate ONE POUND, UBS would have enough money to last the whole cull!

If you’re unable to help on the ground, there are many things folks can do to oppose the badger cull. Stop The Cull on Facebook (or their website provides with a lot of information on how you can help. They have provided you with hundreds of contacts of badger killers you can call and politely ask why they are murdering badgers. It sounds like a silly task, but you could be saving many lives. Remember NOT to call them late at night because they will be very busy killing badgers or sleeping to go visit their cages in the morning.

We cannot wait to have a little more time to pour into our website and socials. We are thinking of printing a new and fresh design before the end of the year, what kind of drawing would you like repping? And do you recommend any artists? Comment below and let us know!

Support us if you can because it is incredibly needed at the minute:



PHOTO: Hambach Forst, 2018.